Top Ten Most Mysterious and Bone-Chilling Enigmas in Wales

Wales is a land of mythology and legends, with numerous mysteries yet to be solved. From the mountains of Snowdonia to the vibrant cities of the south to the beautiful coastline of the west, Wales is filled with spooky landscapes. Whether you’re interested in con artists, mass executions, or extraterrestrial incidents, Wales has it all in its illustrious and storied past.

Now, let’s explore the ten spookiest mysteries in Welsh history.

10 The UFO of Berwyn Mountains

The first mystery on our list is an intriguing tale surrounded by conspiracy. Known as the Roswelsh event due to its similarities to the infamous Roswell extraterrestrial incident in the U.S., the cause of this phenomenon in 1974 is still a subject of debate, even though official MOD files were released in 2010. Locals suspected a cover-up!

Witnesses reported seeing a bright ball of light in the sky, followed by a powerful tremor. Some believe it was a UFO, others think it was an unregistered earthquake, and some speculate it might have been a combination of the two. Numerous theories have been proposed, but the true nature of the event remains a mystery even to those living in the Berwyn Mountains.[1]

9 The Sunken Kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod

Wales is rich in legends and mythical tales, particularly along the coastline of Cardigan Bay. One such story shares similarities with the legendary Atlantis. Many people claim to see glimpses of submerged buildings in the bay while walking along its outstanding coastal trails.

This has given rise to the legend of the Sunken Kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod—a once thriving city that succumbed to the waves due to the negligence of a lock keeper named Seithenyn. As the tale goes, Seithenyn got drunk one night and neglected his duties, leading to a catastrophic flood and storm that submerged the entire kingdom. To this day, people claim they can see the buildings and hear the sound of bells ringing from beneath the water.[2]

8 Teggie of Llyn Tegid

While most people are familiar with Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, Wales has its own lesser-known aquatic creature. Teggie is believed to inhabit Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake). First sighted in 1975, Teggie is described as an amphibian measuring up to 12 feet (3.65 meters) in length. Sightings have been reported over the years, but nothing substantial has been confirmed—much like Nessie. Nessie and Teggie share a common origin in British water mythology. Grab your binoculars and see if you can catch a glimpse of this magical and mysterious being.[3]

7 What Happened to Trevaline Evans?

In 1990, Llangollen shop owner and antique dealer Trevaline Evans put up a sign in her shop saying she would be back in two minutes. Surprisingly, she never returned and has not been seen since. What makes this case even stranger is that Evans left her coat and handbag in the shop, indicating that she expected to return quickly. Her car was parked less than 100 feet (30 meters) away and remained untouched. The case remains open to this day, and information is still being sought after more than 30 years later.[4]

6 The Hanging Judge of Skirrid Inn

Wales, like the rest of the UK, has a bloody history, and the Skirrid Inn in Monmouthshire exemplifies this. Originally a courtroom, the inn has a dark past as the domain of Judge George Jefferys, a sadistic judge known for condemning people to the gallows.

Jefferys reveled in the act and power of hanging people. After the Monmouth Rebellion in 1865, it is rumored that he hanged 180 people, not in the town square, but within the pub itself. The rebels were hung from a large oak beam that stands to this day. It’s a morbid attraction, but one that is steeped in intriguing and eerie history. Have a drink at the pub and keep an eye out for the rumored ghosts that haunt the place.[5]

5 What Happened to Owain Glyndwr?

If you’ve spent time in Wales or know Welsh people, you’ve likely heard of Owain Glyndwr, the last native Prince of Wales. A national hero in Wales, he suffered defeat against the English, led by Henry IV, in 1400. However, the fate of the prince himself remains a mystery.

After his defeat, he went into hiding. While the rest of the Glyndwr family was captured, Owain’s loyal men kept him hidden for years. The last confirmed sighting of him was around 1412. The mystery deepens as no one knows his ultimate fate, the location of his remains, or the circumstances of his death. This enigmatic ending to such an influential figure in Welsh history has puzzled historians and fueled debates throughout the UK for generations.[6]

4 The Disappearance of Richey Edwards

One of the biggest mysteries in modern Welsh history revolves around the disappearance of rock star Richey Edwards. As the guitarist of the acclaimed Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers, Edwards was gaining increasing fame. He joined the band in 1992, and by 1995, they were poised to break into the American music scene.

In 1995, the band, including Edwards, was scheduled to fly to America for a promotional tour. However, instead of heading to the airport from London, Edwards chose to drive back to his homeland in Wales. After this point, he vanished without a trace. Some theories suggest he may have jumped off the Severn Bridge, but no evidence or remains were ever found to support this speculation. To this day, the fate of Richey Edwards remains unknown.[7]

3 The Mystery Life of Violet Charlesworth

Con artists have been in the spotlight lately, with numerous documentaries on the subject. However, Violet Charlesworth from Rhyl in North Wales was a con artist in a league of her own. At just 24 years old, Charlesworth gained notoriety by faking her own death after swindling several men out of their fortunes.

Pretending to be the goddaughter of General Gordon of Khartoum, Charlesworth enticed affluent men with her fictitious £100,000 inheritance. Her opulent lifestyle attracted attention in society circles. Eventually, she and her mother were caught and sentenced to five years of hard labor, which was later reduced to three. After serving their time, Violet Charlesworth and her mother disappeared without a trace. Being skilled con artists, they could have assumed new identities and continued their illicit activities. Truly, a 20th-century version of Anna Delvey![8]

2 Is Ynys Enlli the Site of Avalon?

Wales is no stranger to claims surrounding Arthurian legend and mythology. One of the most popular legends involves Avalon, the mystical realm and Vale between worlds. Arthurian scholars and enthusiasts have tirelessly explored connections between the mythology and real-world locations. The leading theory proposes that Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) off the Llyn Peninsula might be the elusive Avalon. Other theories suggest it could be the final resting place of King Arthur or Merlin. It’s a place steeped in rich legendary tradition!

Bardsey Island was already a mythical location, known as one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the 6th century. Some claim it was the second-most popular destination for pilgrimages after Rome at that time. Over 2,000 saints are said to be laid to rest on the island, infusing it with supernatural and religious significance. Take a boat trip to the island and see if you encounter any ghosts of pilgrims or saints who have journeyed there for centuries.[9]

1 The Haunting of Plas Teg

Haunted buildings often stem from tragic love stories, and Plas Teg, a stunning Jacobean mansion situated on the A541 in North Wales, is no exception. This property has a dark history and a reputation for being haunted.

According to legend, Dorothy, the daughter of Sir John Trevor I, fell in love with a farmer’s son. Her father vehemently disapproved of their relationship, so Dorothy planned to elope with her beloved. She buried some jewels in the ground outside Plas Teg, intending to dig them up later to help start their new life together.

Tragically, Dorothy’s plan went awry. While attempting to retrieve the jewels under the cover of darkness, she accidentally fell down a well and lost her life. Visitors to Plas Teg still claim to see the ghost of a young girl in a white dress wandering the grounds, searching for her lost jewels and her beloved. See if you can spot her or the jewels during your next visit.[10]


Written by Rebecca Crowe

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