“The Office” Unveils 10 Unexpectedly Dark Moments

The Office is famous for its unique blend of humor and heartwarming moments, but sometimes its jokes and gags can be disturbing when you think about them. Here are 10 instances where The Office took a dark turn.

10 S3 EP18: “Phyllis’s Wedding”

In this episode, Michael Scott bullies Phyllis’s disabled father, even going so far as to try to shove him back into his wheelchair. Phyllis had invited Michael to push her dad’s wheelchair down the aisle as a way to extend her honeymoon. But when her father manages to walk her down the aisle on his own, Michael becomes enraged. It’s a pretty dark moment to see Michael physically assault a disabled man.

9 S3 EP21: “Product Recall”

“Product Recall” is filled with awkward moments, but one dark moment involves Debbie Brown. Debbie gets blamed for a mistake that Creed actually caused, leading to her firing. Creed even steals money meant for Debbie’s farewell card. It’s a sad fate for an innocent manager who just had some bad timing.

8 S4 EP13: “The Dinner Party”

Jan displays disturbing behavior in this episode, specifically by controlling every aspect of Michael’s life. She even makes him sleep on a bench at the foot of the bed. Michael subtly hints at Jan’s abusive behavior throughout the night. It’s possible that he used the dinner party as a way to end their dark relationship.

7 S5 EP22: “Dream Team”

What starts as a light-hearted moment quickly turns dark when Andy finds out his maid has died. It’s jarring to see Andy, who is known for his caring nature, mourning in front of a jovial office celebration.

6 S6 EP8: “Koi Pond”

This episode originally had a Halloween-themed scene that was so dark it had to be cut from all reruns. Michael’s haunted house prank ends with a simulated suicide, leaving the children terrified. It was too disturbing to air and left viewers disturbed as well.

5 S8 EP18: “Last Day in Florida”

Dwight leaves behind a “treasure” box that the Scranton team can’t resist opening. When Creed opens it, a spring-loaded dart nearly hits him. Dwight accidentally reveals that the dart is poisonous, leaving us wondering what would have happened if Creed had been hit.

4 S8 EP22: “Fundraiser”

Kevin’s description of his dog’s behavior makes it seem like the dog has died. The brief moment where viewers think Kevin showed them a picture of a dead dog is stomach-turning, although it turns out the dog is just sluggish.

3 S9 EP1: “New Guys”

Kevin tells a disturbing story about his turtle, claiming he spent months trying to rescue it after hitting it with his car. It’s unclear whether the turtle survived or not, as Kevin is an unreliable source.

2 S9 EP8: “The Target”

Pam’s perfectionism takes a dark turn when she insults a client and their deceased, obese mother. It’s a surprising and unsettling moment for her character.

1 S9 EP8: “The Target”—Again!

Angela, still hurt by her husband’s affair with Oscar, goes as far as considering murder. She asks Dwight’s sketchy contact to kill Oscar, but Dwight manages to talk her down. It’s a shockingly dark moment that reveals Angela’s intentions.


Written by Shelby Peaugh

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