The 10 Household Objects People Frequently Use for Sexual Purposes

Some individuals prefer vanilla in the bedroom, while others enjoy a little extra flavor. However, when you don’t have all the necessary supplies for a sexy night at home, many people turn to household items. In this article, we will explore everyday objects that can be repurposed for more intimate play. Be prepared, as this is not your typical discussion about home decor. You may be surprised by the items on this list, so be careful where you hang your towel. And remember, if you decide to experiment with any of these items, please keep it to yourself.

10 Ice: Bring a Refreshing Chill to Your Bed

Some individuals have used ice to add a thrilling sensation to their intimate moments. Ice can be used in foreplay to trace trails along your partner’s body or give cold massages and kisses. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, they can use ice to tease erogenous zones or enhance their partner’s pleasure. Some individuals even create a “Frosty’s joystick” for their own winter wonderland. It’s important to consider your partner’s comfort level and communicate constantly. Remember, the goal is pleasure, not pain. Inserting ice directly into sensitive areas can cause discomfort or injury, so it’s best to focus on external use and allow the sensation to build gradually. If you’re looking for a way to chill out, ice can definitely add a refreshing twist.

9 Vacuum Hose: Your House Isn’t the Only Dirty Thing

Believe it or not, some people consider using a vacuum hose as a handy household tool in the bedroom. It’s not difficult to understand how a vacuum made it onto this list. Individuals have been known to use the vacuum hose on their genitals, nipples, and other sensitive areas. However, caution should be exercised as strong or extended use of suction can cause capillary damage. It’s important to note that a vacuum hose should never be used internally. No one wants vacuuming their insides to be their last experience before they die.

8 Food and Produce: Full of Vitamins and Phallic Pleasures

Food and produce are perhaps the most commonly used items on this list. They are easily accessible, and many food items have a rather phallic shape. People have quite the imagination when it comes to adding culinary flair to the bedroom. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, fruits, and vegetables often become the stars of the show. However, some individuals have taken it a step further and used various vegetables for unintended purposes. While certain vegetables may fit, it doesn’t mean they should be used internally. Using food internally is unsanitary and poses a risk of breakage or getting stuck. Ending your fun night in the emergency room is not ideal.

7 Pant Hangers: Clips and Nips

It may be difficult to picture hangers as enjoyable sex toys, but once you consider it, it’s hard to turn back. Specifically, hangers with metal clips used for hanging folded dress pants have found an alternative use as nipple clamps. Some individuals enjoy a little pain with their pleasure and find these DIY clamps suitable for various parts of their bodies. However, if you’re exploring BDSM, it’s important to plan ahead, establish safe words, and understand your pain tolerance. There’s no need to draw blood to have a good time.

6 Chop Sticks and Hair Bands: The Secret CBT Tool

Nipple clamps aren’t the only substitute for hangers that can be found in your house. Some individuals prefer to use a combination of chopsticks and hair bands. By tying the chopsticks together, they create a pinching sensation that can be used on various body parts. This contraption has been known to work well for those interested in sexual CBT (cock and ball torture). If having your family jewels treated like sushi sounds appealing, this might be the household object for you.

5 IcyHot: The Burn That Feels Good

IcyHot is a medical cream used to soothe muscles by rubbing it on the skin. It starts with a frigid sensation, which then transitions into a burning sensation. Some individuals find this sensation play appealing and bring IcyHot into the bedroom. However, it’s important to note that IcyHot can be harsh on sensitive skin and the burning sensation can escalate if it’s not washed off easily. Before incorporating it into your intimate activities, do a small test patch first to ensure a comfortable experience.

4 Kitchen Utensils: A Whisk You Have to Take

Your innocent kitchen utensils have a saucy alter ego. Whisks and spatulas, typically used for cooking, have been known to spice things up in the bedroom. Materials like silicone, glass, and stainless steel, which make these utensils great for cooking, also make them suitable for other activities in the bedroom. So, next time you reach for that silicone spatula, remember its potential for double duty. Just remember to thoroughly wash any kitchen utensils used for non-cooking purposes before and after. You wouldn’t want your salad tongs to taste like last night’s escapade. Consider keeping a separate set of gadgets for date night.

3 Pet Gear: When Things Get Ruff

Pet gear can be used in various ways for intimate moments. Collars and leashes, common in BDSM, can be used to take your partner for a little walk around the house. It’s advisable to keep a separate set for your pets to avoid confusion. Some individuals even enjoy using shock collars on their more sensitive areas. Riding crops, typically used for equestrian activities, can also be used for impact play. Additionally, those sticks with feathers that entertain cats for hours can provide a unique sensation during play. Just make sure your cat isn’t in the room, as unintended scratches may occur.

2 Over Door Towel Hook: Getting Hung Up On Bondage

For those who prefer a milder bedroom experience, introducing towel hooks can be a delightful option. Specifically, the ones that hang over your bathroom door can be used in two ways. First, they are the perfect height for a game of tie me up, tie me down. You can safely wrap rope or ribbon around your partner’s wrists and swing the other end over the hooks for added excitement. The second way is more adventurous and involves using these bathroom accessories as an anal hook. However, be sure to clean it before and after use, and watch out for potential snags. You’re not a fish.

1 Candle Wax: Illuminating Intimacy

Candle wax is well-known for setting a romantic mood with its warm, flickering glow. However, it has also become a popular tool for steamy bedroom activities. The low melting point of most candle waxes allows for a tingling, pleasurable sensation when it comes into contact with the skin. It’s important to choose a low-temperature candle specifically designed for this purpose to avoid any injuries. Look for candles made from body-safe materials like soy or beeswax. Always test a small area first to ensure a comfortable experience for everyone involved. In the end, you want to ignite burning love, not third-degree burns.


Written by Patricia West

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