Ten Amazing Billionaire Doomsday Bunkers That You’re Excluded From

Death is like taxes. We hate it. Also, sorry for the reminder, but it’s coming for us all—every living, breathing human on this planet and most other plants and animals. We don’t like to think about the end and keep it in our distant minds, but every so often, we read something about the ultimate end. The last hoorah for our beloved planet Earth. A comet heading coming to crash us to bits, a nuclear fallout that could force us underground for centuries, or a zombie outbreak that will turn us all into mindless biters.

Some people are ready for the end; we call them doomsday preppers. So when the poop hits the fan, they will be the ones we all run to. But the preppers aren’t all isolated, socially awkward people. Some just have the resources to plan that far ahead.

Here are ten insane billionaire doomsday bunkers that we won’t be invited to.

10 The Oppidum

Surrounded by high fortress-like walls and hidden among the lush forests, this 323,000-square-foot (30,000-square-meter) property is where you will be as safe as you could ever be. Deep in the mountains of the rural Czech Republic lies the incredible estate known as The Oppidum.

Complete with an underground garden with simulated light, a spa, a swimming pool, a cinema, a library, and other leisurely activities, you are sure to have a blast. The living space encompasses a whopping 77,500 square feet (7,200 square meters). Operated by a subterranean control center, the only entrance into the compound is an underground tunnel locked in by a blast door that can be sealed in a matter of minutes. If you want to attempt a break-in, keep in mind they have 24-hour military-style security with big weapons.

Although space in the Oppidum is quite limited, the company also offers state-of-the-art bunkers and structures delivered straight to your door, even if only to keep your nosey neighbors out of your business.[1]

9 Trident Lakes

If you are hoping to work in a round of golf while the rest of the world goes to hell in a handbasket, then Trident Lakes, your one-stop sports and survivalist center, is your answer.

This resort-style private property developed in Ector, Texas, a short hour’s drive from Dallas, is set to be the prime location for those keen to survive an impending apocalypse without having to worry about losing their handicap. The resort features a hotel, golf course, polo fields, and around 600 slots for condominium-type housing, each with a view of the water.

It doesn’t skimp on the usual requirements, such as underground bunkers, armed security personnel, and a secure wall to keep the unwanted folk out. Also, should you feel the world needs your DNA, there is a DNA vault so that you can safeguard literally everything, down to the very essence of your existence.[2]

8 Europa One

If you are a billionaire reading this, and you are thinking perhaps Europa One is an option for you, know that, like the rest of us, you are not welcome. You see, Europa One is by invite only, and the invites have gone out already.

Touted as the largest and safest underground survival bunker in the world, Europa One is also considered one of the most opulent. Built in an old Cold War bunker built by the Soviets in Rothenstein, Germany, the shelter is said to be able to withstand nuclear blasts, biological and chemical agents, earthquakes, and even planes falling from the sky.

Individual chambers were up for purchase at a measly $5 million. Once all the units were completed, each owner was able to fit their personal space to the specs they desired.[3]

7 The Survival Condo

In the middle of Kansas, surrounded by lush green lawns, you might stumble upon a state-of-the-art security bunker, or you might mistake it for a rolling hill with security that would rival the Pentagon.

This unassuming bunker is built in the shell of an old Atlas Missile Silo, which was originally constructed in the 1960s. Able to withstand the launch of a nuclear missile, these silos were built to house the U.S. nuclear arsenal behind 8-ton (7.25-metric-ton) steel doors.

At the top of the bunker, you will find the communal spaces, pet park, arcade, pool, and climbing wall. Next lies the mechanical level, medical and security level, and hydroponics levels, followed by the residential living quarters. At the bottom are a cinema and a bar for the escapists among the residents.[4]

6 The Underground House

If your vibe is plastic trees, faux rocks, and murals of wild animals and landscapes painted on walls… but underground, then the Underground House is right up your alley.

Built during the original panic, the Cold War, this 15,000-square-foot (1,394-square-meter) home located in Las Vegas, Nevada, comes with adjustable lighting to match the ruined outside world, twinkling stars in the ceiling, a dancefloor (because it’s Vegas, and people even dance alone in their homes), two hot tubs, a sauna, a bar, and even a barbecue. Clearly built by a person who was happy to party the final years of their life away.

This property, which has garnered fame from the likes of Imagine Dragons and Juno Calypso and even featured in a Netflix special, can be yours for a measly $18 million if you act quickly.[5]

5 Shrublands Road

Located in the idyllic little town of Mistley, Essex, in the UK, Shrublands Road used to be a Cold War nuclear bunker intended to be used as a bomb-proof communications hub should an attack level the sleepy town.

The 10,000-square-foot (929-square-meter) property was built with steel reinforcements ensuring the survival of those inside but has recently undergone a total revamp. The bunker was first used as a museum but was later transformed into three luxury apartments and sold off to the interested public.

The bunkers were expected to reach a very reasonable £1.4million for the poor man’s billionaire, but you would still have to fend for yourself as there are none of the amenities you would expect from a world-class bunker, like a climbing wall and a golf course. However, they have been remodeled into three homes (2 3-bedroom units and 1 4-bedroom unit, with modern kitchen and Italian-marble bathrooms. The units are accessed by a common atrium.[6]

4 The Safe House

This industrial-style cube, built in Warsaw, Poland, won’t withstand a bomb blast or a nuclear fallout, but it will keep bodies, living or dead, from entering your living room. Labeled by the chief architect Robert Konieczny as the world’s first zombie-proof home, this concrete box stands out as a durable, affordable, green option for the undead that are causing you sleepless nights.

The house features sliding exterior walls, aluminum roll gates, and a drawbridge that leads to the roof terrace above the pool that can retract. Everything, from the walls to the windows, bridge, and fence, can be controlled electronically. It would be a wonderful addition if you also fit it with solar panels.[7]

3 Dogen City

Still in its concept phase, Dogen City—driven by the firm N-Ark—was born out of a combination of the biblical Noah’s Ark with a sprinkle of billionaire buying power and just a touch of ideological engineering.

Touted to house up to 40,000 people, this construction will basically act as a floating, self-sufficient oasis, safe from the threat of rising sea levels from global warming or zombies that can’t swim. Residents would be able to enjoy jogs along the 2.4-mile outer ring and receive medical care from the underwater medical facility, all the while enjoying the sun and the sea.

N-Ark’s mission is to have Dogen City up and running before 2030, which should give them enough time before the polar caps melt.[8]

2 Space

The space race is heating up. New players like SpaceX and Blue Origin have entered the fray and are competing for who owns the skies. The billionaires are hedging their survival bets, and it looks even more unattainable than before.

What if Earth is destroyed? That’s alright. Musk has a plan to colonize Mars, and Bezos is hoping to normalize space travel for those with the deepest pockets. In theory, it’s the perfect option. In space, there is no risk of nuclear fallout, no chance of a zombie apocalypse, and not even a hint that North Korea might follow.

Although Elon has been generous in his estimates (giving us normals a chance of joining the ship) and estimating the price of a ticket to Mars at between $100,000 and $500,000, the current rate is somewhat more out of our league at millions or even billions of dollars.[9]

1 The Aristocrat

If you don’t have access to billions of dollars, there is good news. A company called Rising S Bunkers fashions a whole range of bunkers that can be built and delivered to your location of choice, priced anywhere from $49,000 for a simple survival bunker to almost $ 10 million (installation and delivery not included). This is their flagship Bomb Shelter Complex, known as the Aristocrat.

The Aristocrat features enough beds for 50 people, air filtration systems, workshops, freezers, a gym, saunas, pools, and a bowling alley. There is also a gun range and a motor cave exit so that you can come and go like Batman.

Seeing that this option is suitable for a small community or a very large family, perhaps you can get a few people to chip in and split the cost.[10]


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