Surprising Realities Behind 10 Astonishing Urban Legends

The Internet is filled with urban legends of every kind. While many of them are nonsense and exist solely to attract clicks, some legends have more truth to them than we realize. Here are several examples of urban legends that are actually rooted in reality:

10 The Real Russian Sleep Experiment Kept Puppies Awake Until They Died

We’ve all heard of the urban legend of the “Russian Sleep Experiment,” where political prisoners were kept awake with gas for weeks to study the effects of sleep deprivation. While this experiment didn’t happen with humans, a Russian scientist named Maria de Manaceine conducted similar tests on puppies in the 1890s. The puppies were kept awake through forced handling and walking, and they developed brain lesions and died within days. This experiment showed that the brain needs sleep, just like it needs food and water.

9 Black Cats May Not Be Sacrificed On Halloween, But They Are Used As Costume Accessories

There is a persistent urban legend that black cats are sacrificed during Halloween rituals. While there is no evidence of widespread sacrifice, adoption centers often have restrictions on adopting black cats during Halloween due to concerns that people may use them as costume accessories and not properly take care of them.

8 Tug-Of-War Games Have Taken Off Fingers And Entire Arms

Tug-of-war is generally seen as a safe and enjoyable game, but when proper safety precautions are not followed, it can be extremely dangerous. In 1970s Pennsylvania, a rope snapped during a tug-of-war game involving 2,300 middle school students, resulting in over 200 injuries, including several students losing their thumbs. Similar incidents have occurred in Germany and Taiwan, causing multiple injuries and even deaths.

7 A Lawyer Jumps Through A Plate Glass Window To His Death To Test Its Strength

Garry Hoy, a lawyer, believed that skyscraper windows were strong enough to withstand any impact. In 1993, he attempted to prove this by running into a window multiple times. Unfortunately, on the second attempt, the window gave way, and Garry fell to his death. While this incident is not a common occurrence, it highlights the importance of not taking unnecessary risks.

6 Dogs Were Used As Living Drug Mules And Then Sliced Open Upon Reaching Their Destination

In Italy, drug traffickers used dogs to smuggle drugs. The drugs were hidden inside the dogs, and upon reaching their destination, the dogs were sliced open to retrieve the drugs. This cruel method was uncovered when a customs agent noticed a sick dog and ordered an X-ray, leading to the arrest of the smugglers involved.

5 Dozens Of Contact Lenses Became Fused Together In A Woman’s Eye Over The Years

A woman in the UK had 27 contact lenses stuck in her eye, which had fused together over time. She had assumed that the missing contacts had fallen out, but they had actually been accumulating under her eyelid. While this case is rare, it serves as a reminder for contact lens wearers to properly care for and monitor their lenses.

4 People Think Of Dangerous ‘Challenges’ As An Urban Legend, But Chubby Bunny Has Killed

Many challenges undertaken by teens and children are harmless, but some can be dangerous. The Chubby Bunny challenge, where participants stuff as many marshmallows in their mouths as possible, has resulted in deaths due to choking. While the popularity of this challenge has waned, it serves as a reminder to be cautious when participating in similar activities.

3 Skinny Jeans Can Actually Cut Off Circulation And Cause Medical Complications

While the urban legend of permanently fused contact lenses is untrue, wearing skinny jeans tightly can cause temporary discomfort and numbness in the legs. There have been cases of individuals experiencing leg issues due to wearing tight jeans for extended periods. It’s important to wear clothing that allows for proper circulation and movement.

2 Hanging Your Head Out The Window Of A Car Might Not Decapitate You, But You Can Still Die

While sticking your head or arm out of a car window won’t result in decapitation, there have been incidents of individuals sustaining injuries or even dying due to accidents while doing so. Banging an arm or hitting the head while hanging it out can lead to serious injuries, highlighting the importance of caution when participating in such activities.

1 There Is Little Evidence That Cell Phone Use Causes Cancer, But Landlines Can Kill You

While the link between cell phone use and cancer remains inconclusive, landlines pose a different danger. Using a landline during a thunderstorm can be dangerous, as lightning striking the telephone line can result in electrocution. There have been documented deaths caused by this phenomenon. It’s important to use caution and follow safety guidelines when using telephones.


Written by Gregory Myers

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