10 Unbelievable UFO Encounters in South Africa

South Africa has a long, rich, and intriguing history, as well as a collection of UFO and alien encounters that rival anywhere else in the world. These sightings have been increasing since the early 1970s.

While some encounters are more credible than others, they are all intriguing and share similarities with other UFO sightings around the world. Here are ten fascinating UFO accounts from South Africa:

10 The Mindalore Incident

On January 3, 1979, Meagan Quezet witnessed a UFO landing in a link road near her home in Mindalore. She saw a pink glowing light encasing a gray metallic craft with spider-like legs. Six humanoids emerged from the craft and greeted Meagan and her son in an unknown language. The crew quickly returned to the craft and it took off. This incident was corroborated by another couple who saw the craft at the same time.

9 The Smoking Man In White

In August 1972, Doris Muthwa and her daughter witnessed a man in a white suit smoking a cigarette with a blue-pink light emitting from his chest. The man rose into the air and disappeared. This sighting was similar to another sighting in the same area a week prior.

8 Abduction By Telepathic Robots

In late 1972, a woman reported being abducted by robotic beings who performed tests and communicated with her telepathically. She was returned after the tests. She also claimed that one of the robots visited her again, stating they left a piece of equipment in her leg.

7 Rosmead Junior School Incident

In November 1972, Harold Truter witnessed a strange green glow over Rosmead Junior School. As he approached the school, he noticed a burned and cracked asphalt with strange holes. The police later confirmed other UFO sightings in the area that evening.

6 The Peter And Frances MacNorman Abduction

In May 1974, Peter and Frances MacNorman experienced a missing hour while driving home. They could not recall the journey and their car had a full tank of gas and new tires they did not purchase. Under regression hypnosis, Peter claimed they were abducted by aliens and he saw his wife and other people on board.

5 Heart-Shaped Craft Over Pretoria

In July 2010, residents in Pretoria witnessed strange heart-shaped lights hovering in the sky for several hours. The lights were various colors and emitted a bright white light downward. The sightings were not explained by authorities.

4 Triangular Craft Over Pretoria

In April 1991, a triangular craft with white star-like lights was seen in Pretoria and Eersterust. This sighting resembled UFO sightings in Belgium the previous year.

3 Radar Confirms UFO Presence

In August 1996, a police officer and radar operators in Johannesburg witnessed a disc-shaped UFO with a red triangular light. A police helicopter was deployed, but the UFO disappeared before they could catch up.

2 UFO Spotted Over Sasolburg

In November 1993, witnesses in Sasolburg saw a water droplet-shaped craft hovering overhead. The craft vanished in a flash of light and reappeared, changing shape and color before disappearing again. Strange imprints were later found in a nearby town.

1 The Orange Lights Of 2011

Throughout 2011, South Africa experienced numerous sightings of orange lights. While some explained them as meteor showers, others reported unusual movements that could not be explained by meteors. The sightings remain unexplained.

+ The Green Lights Of Cape Town

In November 2015, residents of Cape Town witnessed green lights in the sky. The South African Astronomical Observatory suggested it was a light show test at a sports stadium, but stadium officials denied any knowledge. Multiple sightings of the same green lights were reported in Johannesburg and Durban, but no explanation was given.

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