10 Surprising Discoveries Unveiling Ancient Italy

Italy is a treasure trove for archaeologists, with new discoveries shedding light on both famous landmarks and everyday life in ancient times.

10 A Rare Sundial

An unusual limestone sundial was discovered in the Roman town of Interamna Lirenas. It featured engraved lines marking the hours and curves predicting solstices and equinox. This sundial is one of only about 100 in existence, and it revealed a political history of the town.

9 Discarded Baby Bones

At the ancient Italian village of Poggio Civitate, the remains of discarded baby bones were found. These bones provided insights into burial practices and the treatment of deceased infants in ancient times.

8 Rome’s True Age

Archaeological findings at the Roman Forum, including a wall from 900 BC, pushed back the estimated age of Rome by 200 years. The discovery of ancient artifacts and inscriptions helped to establish a more accurate timeline for the city’s history.

7 A Fire-Frozen Building

An ancient building, preserved by a fire that collapsed it, was uncovered during metro line construction in Rome. This well-preserved structure provided insights into ancient architecture and daily life.

6 Bodyguard Barracks

The remains of a complex housing structure, believed to have been used by the Praetorian Guard, were found during metro construction in Rome. These barracks shed light on the military life and organization during the Roman Empire.

5 A Wrong Diagnosis

A mummified child in Naples was believed to have had smallpox, but further examination revealed that the cause of death was actually hepatitis B. This discovery provided new insights into the prevalence of diseases in ancient times.

4 A Grave Predating Roman Pompeii

The intact grave of a Samnite woman, dating back to the fourth century BC, was found near the Herculaneum Gate in Pompeii. This discovery provided valuable information about the Samnites and their relationship with the ancient city.

3 Rare Finds At Circus Maximus

During renovation work at Rome’s Circus Maximus, new artifacts and structures were uncovered, shedding light on the history of this ancient entertainment venue. These discoveries allowed researchers to better understand the layout and renovations that took place over time.

2 Ancestor Of Venice

The city of Altinum, located near Venice, was discovered beneath modern crops. This Roman city provided insights into the development of Venice as a lagoon city and the influence of different coastal settlements in its formation.

1 The Boathouse Refugees

The remains of 300 individuals who sought refuge in Herculaneum’s boathouses during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius were analyzed. These individuals died quickly and without pain from the intense heat of the eruption, providing a chilling glimpse into the tragedy of that day.

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