10 Recent Outlandish Claims Made by Alleged Time Travelers

It is probably accurate to state that most people, even the most conservative and levelheaded of us, wish deep down that time travel was a real possibility. The ability to see the past or the future close-up, or (leaving aside all the paradoxes for a moment) to go back in time and right a wrong or issue a warning to a loved one or even oneself, surely would appeal to all.

With that in mind, the following ten examples are unlikely to give a boost to those hopes that such a journey might one day be possible and shouldn’t so much be taken with a pinch of salt but with several large helpings of it. Regardless, the following ten people recently felt the need to tell the world of their arrival from the near or distant future. Here’s what they had to say. Incidentally, they almost always talked to the same media outlet, Apex TV, which is surely a coincidence, of course!

10 Edward Brings Picture Of LA From The Year 5000

One of the most intriguing stories of time travel was told in February 2018 by “Edward,” who claimed to posses a photograph of Los Angeles, submerged underwater to boot, from the year 5000.[1] He also brought with him a rather detailed story.

He claimed to have become involved with a top secret shadow government experiment in 2004, in which he would travel to the year 5000. He was originally working as a technical support engineer when he was approached to work with this secret organization concerning a sphere of technical inventions. Edward would also assert that the very best minds in science and technical development are usually snapped up early by this shadow government, with the rise of celebrity scientists being part of a distraction technique for the public.

According to Edward, due to the melting of the polar ice caps, humanity survives by floating on the waters in cities on huge wooden platforms. Although he wouldn’t disclose any further intricacies of his work, he stated that the secret projects continue with the amount of money changing hands, at times, equaling some countries’ annual budgets.

9 John Travels From 4000 Due To Concerns About AI

A similar claim would come from “John,” although he was from the future—the year 4000—and was the co-founder of a leading car company from his time, known as Zucar.[2] He had, according to his claims, spent the last six years living in the past (that is our present) due to concerns with the rise of AI and the consequences for humanity.

John would also offer up a photograph of the world thousands of years from now. It appears to show an automated car processing plant from the future, with spider-like machines in the process of mass-producing a futuristic-looking vehicle, said by John to be a DR-18, a car that is (or will be) “impossible” to have an accident in.

John stated that artificial intelligence performs most of the work in the future. It’s not only the laborious jobs, either; much of the “intelligent work” is also carried out by robots, with little human intervention. One thing that is a little bizarre to some was the claim that no birds exist in the year 4000. They were all destroyed intentionally so as to prevent damage to flying cars. Furthermore, pets that we take for granted today, such as dogs and cats, are almost extinct. The few remaining ones can only be viewed in zoos.

8 Clara From 3780: ‘Time Travel Is Used Today’

In January 2018, “Clara” told of serving in a secret part of the United States military and, in turn, being part of a top secret experiment in 2000.[3] She would claim to have been sent to the year 3780. Her mission was to bring back a piece of technology that was to be used for unknown, secret purposes.

In an attempt to explain the basic principle of time travel, Clara would state, “Imagine time is a measurement such as height, length, or depth. Let’s say you are swimming in the sea at a depth of two meters. You can easily go deeper. This is the same thing that you can do with time if you have the appropriate equipment and knowledge.” Got that? No? Me, neither. And it has to be said that the “appropriate equipment and knowledge” line is one hell of a caveat to the previous claim.

Regardless, Clara also claimed that time travel is used regularly right now in 2018 and has been for decades, stating that the “technology [is] used for military searches.”

7 Greek Time Travelers

It isn’t just the US military that is conducting secret ventures involving time travel, it would appear. In December 2017, an anonymous man claimed to have traveled to 3207 as part of a top secret project by the Greek military. He would recount having served six years in the Greek services before receiving an invite in 2013 to advance his career by taking part in a secret project. The Greek military officer apparently spent two days in 3207, although he didn’t give any further details.

Interestingly, a similar story would come out of Greece only a month later. This time, the alleged time traveler had been a student when an unnamed professor offered him the chance to take part in a time travel experiment in 2008.[4] He accepted and was transported to the year 10000. Like other time travel claimants on this list, he was able to return with a picture (shown above). The reason for the experiment was the knowledge of a war sometime in the future between humans and artificial intelligence.

6 William Taylor

Another story that received considerable coverage, albeit briefly, was that of William Taylor, who claimed in January 2018 to have been part of a top secret British Intelligence project for almost two decades.[5]

Perhaps disturbingly to some, Taylor would state that in 8973 (the year to which he traveled), “humans were gone,” replaced in favor of a part-human, part-robot species that enjoys eternal life. Although he managed to obtain several pictures of this future world, when he returned to 2005, they were confiscated by UK intelligence services.

Taylor also revealed several other interesting pieces of information, including that time travel has been available to governments of the world since 1981. What’s more, in addition to the ability to travel through time, they have the ability to travel between dimensions and timelines. The technology is the result of recovered UFOs that have been reverse-engineered. Incidentally, he would also state that knowledge of time travel will be made public in 2028. Keep that date in mind for a moment.

5 Noah Novak Travels To The Future And The Past

Not only did Noah Novak travel from the year 2030 to 2070, but he met himself 40 years older.[6] And then both Novaks traveled to the year 2018, where they would speak about their adventures. In a list of wacky claims, this incident is perhaps the first to be dismissed by even the most open-minded enthusiasts of time travel.

However, that being said, perhaps it is worth noting some of the predictions the Novaks offered regarding life over the next decade or so. Apparently, come 2020, we can look forward to another four years of Trump presidency, as he wins a second term in office. The following year in 2021, an explosion of AI will take place all over the planet and will not show signs of slowing down once it begins. And by 2028, the first manned mission to Mars will successfully take place.

Perhaps most interesting of all, though, are the claims of the other world event of 2028. Like William Taylor said, the world will be introduced to the realities of time travel two years before the 2020s sign off.

4 Time Traveling Alien From 6491 Gets Stuck On Earth

In a claim with a bit of a further twist from your bog-standard time travel story, James Oliver declared in January 2018 that he was from the future—the year 6491—and was now not only stuck in the past (to him), but he was also “stranded on Earth,” with his home planet being in a “distant solar system.”[7]

According to Oliver, he had traveled to Earth on a scientific mission. However, a “Super Blue Blood Moon” had caused significant malfunctions with his ship, and the time travel transmission was interrupted and broken.

It is unclear if Oliver has any options open to him in terms of getting back to not only his own place in time but also his home planet. He stated, “I could be here a few more days, I could be here a few more years, decades, centuries. I really don’t know.” He did, however, reveal some vague details of the future awaiting humanity on Earth, which is about to go into one of the most important phases of its history for the next several hundred years.

3 Former Soviet Georgian Travels To 9428

A man from the European country of Georgia, who preferred to withhold his name, stated that he traveled to the year 9428.[8] According to the unnamed time traveler, his account has its roots back in 1987, when Georgia was part of the Soviet Union. Like all the other Eastern Bloc countries of the Soviet state, Georgia was active in “secret Soviet scientific experiments” and investigations. While the main drive behind these experiments was to make people’s lives easier, some military experiments looked to finding new weapons, as well as “injections that could make a superheros from a man.”

The Georgian man’s mission was essentially a fact-finding operation with an experimental time machine. He was sent into the future to “see everything with [his] own eyes” and then report back. He embarked on his journey on December 11, 1987, traveling to the year 9428. He would further explain that the reason for sending him so far ahead into the future was due to time travel operating in phases of roughly 400 years. With this in mind, a journey “only” 400 years into the future would not have been sufficient to return the answers the scientists were looking for. Ultimately, looking for answers as to the long-term future of the Earth and the surrounding universe, the year of 9428 was agreed upon.

2 W.D. Davis Brings ‘Miracle Food’ From 2200

In March 2018, a purported time traveler known only as “W.D. Davis” (due to the danger of revealing his real name) stated that he had arrived from the year 2200.[9] Furthermore, he wasn’t empty-handed. With him, as proof of his claims, he had a “miracle food pellet” that had enough sustenance to last a person a week. Further still, these pellets had eradicated world hunger and were issued on a monthly basis by governments.

Just when you thought the claims were as outlandish as they were going to be, Davis would put forward that he was, in fact, 103 years old and that the average human life expectancy was around 200 years in the year 2200. This was due to the eradication of all disease, including cancer, which, in turn, led to doctors and the pharmaceutical industry no longer being needed. People were living alongside shape-shifting aliens, both on the surface of the planet and in underwater cities. People were also living on Mars.

1 Drunk Man Is Actually Time Traveler Warning Of Alien Invasion

If only for some pretty fast thinking, the account of the drunk time traveler in Casper, Wyoming, is worth including here. His claims would make many news outlets—usually at the end of the show as a lighthearted, at-least-you’re-not-him piece.

Following his arrest for being intoxicated in public in October 2017, the gentleman matter-of-factly warned he had “traveled back in time to warn of an alien invasion.”[10] He stated that this invasion would take place in 2018 and that people should start leaving now. He would then demand to speak to the “president of the town.” As if to add some authenticity to the incident, he claimed that an error had occurred and that he should have arrived in 2018. Furthermore, the only way to time-travel was to fill his body with alcohol. This, incidentally, was something the aliens did on his behalf.

At the very least, it is perhaps a story worth having in your back pocket should you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

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