10 Mysteriously Captivating Images of Unexplained Phenomena

The biggest issue with proving the existence of paranormal beings and incidents is the lack of clear photographs or video footage. Since the release of the shaky Patterson-Gimlin footage that showcased an alleged Bigfoot, the world has been flooded with blurry photos and unfocused videos of ghosts, Nessie, aliens, and demons.

Even in our modern age, discussions about the paranormal on social media and online forums can create division among people. Some firmly believe that any captured footage must be genuine, while others remain unconvinced regardless of the evidence presented to them.

10 Faces in the Water

In December 1924, James Courtney and Michael Meehan, crewmen on the oil tanker SS Watertown, were assigned to clean an empty cargo tank. Unfortunately, they were overcome by gas fumes and died, while chief mate Kosti Taviola, who attempted to save them, was revived after being overwhelmed by the fumes.

After their burial at sea, the remaining crew members of the SS Watertown reported seeing strange faces in the water. The faces of the two deceased sailors appeared and bobbed in the water for several days as the ship continued its journey. The captain, Keith Tracy, captured a now-infamous photograph as “proof” of these incidents.

While many believe this photograph to be a hoax, some think that the spirits of the dead men watched over the oil tanker until it reached its destination. [1]

9 Angel, Demon, or…Palm Tree?

A photograph posted by Richard Christianson in Phoenix, Arizona, in January 2017 went viral on social media. The image depicted what seemed to be an evil angel roaming an empty street. People debated whether it was an angel, a demon, or even evidence of the elusive Mothman. Some suggested that it was simply a palm tree, but their opinions were overshadowed by those who believed supernatural beings were present in Phoenix.

It was later discovered that Richard Christianson worked as a stagehand, leading some to speculate that the photo may have been staged. [2]

Could it be a prop?

8 Is That You, Freddy?

Victor Goddard, an Air Marshal in the Royal Air Force, claimed to have had a clairvoyant episode in 1935. In November 1918, a photograph of the “Goddard Squadron” was taken, and upon development, a ghostly face was observed behind the fourth airman from the left. The man was identified as air mechanic Freddy Jackson, who had allegedly died three days before the photo was taken. Research indicates that a Freddy Jackson did work as an air mechanic and died in April 1918, seven months prior to the photo. [3]

7 “Your Government Is Lying to You”

In 2011, a video showing a dead alien found in a “UFO hotspot” in Russia gained significant attention online. The video received over one million views in a week, and the chilling message “Your government is lying to you about UFO & alien visitation” added to the intrigue. However, many debunked the video, claiming that the alien was a rubber doll and that the discovery had been staged. Some believed that the two Russian men involved had planned the entire incident. Nonetheless, there are still many who consider the video and images as legitimate evidence of extraterrestrial life. [4]

6 A Strange Beast

In 2018, a blurry photograph and video emerged of a strange creature in Santa Fe, Argentina. Described as a small-headed, long-necked beast that was blamed for killing a German shepherd and a pitbull, it joined the realm of Yeti, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. The video attracted over 30,000 comments, with many expressing fear that the creature might be real. Some claimed to have encountered a similar-looking beast in 2005, while others believed it to be a Chupacabra. However, skeptics suggested that it could be a man or a garden statue. [5]

5 Watching Over You

In 2016, a woman named Lynda shared a historical photograph with Belfast Live. The photo depicted her grandmother, Ellen Donnelly, among 15 women who worked as linen mill workers in Northern Ireland in 1900. However, an eerie detail caught people’s attention—a seemingly disembodied hand resting on the shoulder of the first girl on the right in the second row. The mystery remains, as everyone else in the photo has their arms crossed. While some believe it to be a hoax, it has not been definitively confirmed as such. [6]

4 The Unexplained UFOs of Salem

Salem, Massachusetts, known for its dark history, also has its share of unexplained aerial phenomena. In August 1952, Shel Alpert captured a photograph of four glowing objects in the morning sky over Salem. The photo, taken from the Salem Coast Guard Air Station, continues to disturb people. While some attribute the UFOs to reflections, others believe they were alien crafts, consistent with similar sightings in the 1950s. [7]

3 The Flying Dutchman of Lake Superior

Photo: CBS News
In 2016, Jason Asselin filmed a music video on the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan. After capturing a rainbow in the sunset, he noticed a shimmering object in the distance that appeared to be a massive “ghost ship.” Given the more than 200 shipwrecks in the Lake Superior area, the idea of a ghost ship sighting seemed plausible to many people. However, scientists suggest that it was likely just the Granite Island lighthouse shimmering in the setting sun. [8]

2 The Nun Who Can’t Let Go

In 2021, a Reddit user, working as a real estate photographer, shared a blurry image on the platform. The photo was taken outside a house in Tennessee that was formerly a Civil War army hospital, rumored to be haunted. The image shows an indeterminable figure among the surrounding trees. According to local lore, patients were operated on inside the hospital and moved to the field, where the figure was captured, to die in makeshift tents. While some speculate it to be a Civil War ghost or nun, others suggest it could be a garden statue or a mundane object like a plastic bag stuck on the fence. [9]

1 The Little Girl Visiting Her Own Grave

Saundra Gonzales noticed that toys and belongings she left at her two-year-old daughter’s grave were disappearing. She suspected a grave thief and asked other families visiting the Masonic Cemetery in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to be vigilant. Unbeknownst to her, another family had set up a camera to capture potential vandals but instead recorded a small girl approaching Faviola’s grave. Saundra burst into tears upon seeing the video, believing it to be her daughter. In one image, the girl appears to hold the hand of a tall man, claimed to be their murdered son by the family who recorded the footage. While Saundra believes it to be the spirit of her daughter, skeptics suggest that someone allowed their own child into the cemetery to take the toys. [10]


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