10 lesser-known insiders of the Secret Space Program with bonus revelations

In decades past, the dangerous idea that a secret space program exists behind a veil of public disclosure was contained to a few offbeat publications and dark corners of used bookstores. But with the dawn of the Internet, these ideas began to spread, and a cast of characters that had once been threadbare and uncompelling quickly began to fill up with ever more apparent defectors from the secret space program status quo.

These days, there are so many alleged secret space program insiders that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Simple background checks and testimony cross-referencing can expose some of these aspirants to legitimacy as obvious frauds. But in some cases, testimonies interlink, and an image begins to form that is as dazzling to the uninitiated as the testimony of an escapee would be to those who have been chained their whole lives in Plato’s cave.

In every generation, the tendency of the common people to believe that they are all-knowing is exploited by the elite to reinforce mass ignorance. We look back on the people of the past and lament their gullibility and backwardness, but we are forever incapable of believing that our own descendants may view us in precisely the same way. Those who think they know it all are the easiest to deceive, and those who admit the depths of their ignorance are the most likely to learn the truth.

Here are the stories of ten more individuals who may be able to provide pieces to the puzzle of the true nature of the universe and our place within it.

10 Edgar Fouche

We’re all aware of the fact that the existence of the F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter was kept under wraps until it was unveiled at the dawn of the Gulf War. But one supposed insider alleges that Skunk Works, Lockheed’s infamous black project division, has created secret aircraft even more advanced than the F-117A. One of these planes, the SR-74 (not to be confused with the SR-71), is supposedly capable of reaching speeds in excess of Mach 18.[1]

Edgar Fouche claims to have worked on a black budget initiative called Project Aurora, which produced multiple types of aircraft that so thoroughly outstrip our current understanding of aeronautics as to be utterly mind-boggling. Edgar is a man of fascinating ancestry; on one side, he is descended from the British Rothschild clan, and on the other, he is a direct descendant of Joseph Fouche, who undermined Napoleon’s empire from within to the benefit of the Rothschilds and other European aristocrats.

The credentials of this alleged black project insider have been thoroughly vetted, and his claims don’t only pertain to highly advanced conventional aircraft. Edgar also maintains that he was involved in the development of the TR-3B “Flying Triangle,” which was reverse-engineered from captured extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Apparently, United States military contractors had gotten their hands on a large, spherical antigravity device that had once powered an interstellar vessel. When they learned how to activate it, they found that it reduced the mass of any surrounding material by approximately 90 percent. Lacking any proper method for containing this technology, these contractors decided to simply encase this advanced alien propulsion device within a flat triangle.

Triangular craft with glowing central spheres are among the most commonly sighted types of UFOs. If Fouche’s testimony is to be believed, these aerial phenomena aren’t alien craft but are actually products of human ingenuity.

9 Milton William Cooper

In 1991, Milton William Cooper published a book titled Behold, A Pale Horse.[2] In this text, Cooper details his time as a member of the Intelligence Briefing Team for the commander in chief of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet. As a deeply Christian man, Cooper felt that it was his duty to inform the public of what he knew despite multiple attempts by shadowy agents to take his life. (It should be noted that Cooper was ultimately killed in a shoot-out with police in 2001.)

In his seminal book and later as a talk radio host, Cooper detailed how President Eisenhower made a secret treaty with extraterrestrials in 1954. Eisenhower was reticent to compromise America’s security with such an agreement, but after alien-backed Nazi UFOs buzzed the Capitol Building in 1952, the former war hero realized that the United States lacked the technology or firepower to face down such a foe.

Ever since, according to Cooper, extraterrestrial influence has wormed its way into the deepest strata of the military-industrial complex. It is this Nazi and alien domination that has led to America’s increasingly interventionist and hegemonic ambitions, to the detriment of domestic quality of life. However, according to various insiders, a recent schism within the military-industrial complex has led to a resurgence of patriotism and resistance against anti-American and antihuman clandestine influences.

Notably, Cooper called out alternative media firebrand Alex Jones as a fraud more than 15 years ago. Given Jones’s recent capitulation to a suspected serial pedophile, his turning on Trump, and his attempted sabotage of the Q Anon phenomenon, it appears that Cooper may have been in the right.

8 David Adair

David Adair has a fascinating story to tell. A boy genius, Adair was recruited by the military to build rockets before he graduated high school. Along the way, he would befriend Operation Paperclip scientist Wernher von Braun, and he would be exposed to secrets that far outstrip the average person’s capacity for belief.

After his rocketry know-how was put to the test by the United States military, he was supposedly escorted to a secret underground base below Groom Lake, Nevada.[3] Adair reports that this base extended dozens of stories below the surface of the Earth and that it contained seemingly innumerable chambers and shuttered hangars.

In this underground base, Adair was taken to a huge structure of extraterrestrial origin. He was told that it was an immensely powerful propulsion device, and he was allowed to examine it. To his utter disbelief, he found that the alien artifact was at least partially biological and that it was, for all intents and purposes, alive.

He discovered a control chamber in the center of the structure, and he successfully interfaced with the organic machine. Instead of viewing a readout or pressing buttons, Adair connected telepathically with this apparent power source for an interstellar alien vessel. He was shown images of advanced civilizations on other worlds, and he came away from the experience with a distinct impression as to the origins and nature of the beings who had created the massive artifact.

According to Adair, the engineers of this living, conscious power source had lived between eight and nine billion years ago, and they had been the first spacefaring race to emerge into the universe.

7 Mark McCandlish

According to Mark McCandlish, the shadow government makes a point of silencing inventors who crack the code of free energy. He also alleges that a captured Nazi UFO was once displayed at a convention of top military minds. In addition, he maintains that military contractors have been creating mind-bogglingly advanced remote-piloted aircraft for decades, with no one becoming the wiser.[4]

McCandlish is filled to the brim with compelling stories, but most of them are not his own. Instead, his incredible connections to various insiders have supplied him with a myriad of tidbits pertaining to the secret history that is unfolding behind the scenes of public awareness.

McCandlish can attest that human beings have unlocked the secrets of superluminal travel and that half-mile-long UFOs occasionally leap into wormholes over the Pacific Ocean, and he confirms Edgar Fouche’s testimony regarding Lockheed’s secret aircraft. McCandlish has even produced stunningly detailed blueprints of a supposed alien reproduction vehicle (ARV).

6 ‘Jacob’

“Jacob” is one of the most intriguing characters in this community of supposed insiders. He reportedly approached esoteric researcher David Wilcock in the early 2000s, and he told David that he worked directly with the Rothschild family as a liaison with extraterrestrial civilizations.

This insider, who has declined to reveal his real name, claims to have visited over 200 off-planet locations, and he has allegedly encountered over 400 different types of extraterrestrials.[5] Most of these contacts took place in the context of trade, and the majority of extraterrestrials apparently communicate via telepathy.

Depending on the type of extraterrestrial in question, this communication can be either ineffably blissful or soul-crushingly oppressive. Numerous insiders, including Emery Smith and Corey Goode, have reported that the experience of interacting with benevolent beings brings with it a feeling of love and protection that is so powerful it can cause you to lose consciousness.

Interacting with potently negative beings, however, can leave you with psychic wounds that can take days or even weeks to heal. Corey Goode reports interfacing with a fifth-density Draco royal as part of his work with the Secret Space Program Alliance. This reptilian being was over 4.3 meters (14 ft) tall, it had vestigial wings, and its skin was stone white.

Instead of gently reaching out to Corey’s mind, this malevolent entity gripped his consciousness in a type of interaction that the insider described as mental rape. During this process, the Draco’s pupils dilated and contracted wildly, and Corey was left deeply traumatized.

With such a variety of potential experiences available when interacting with ETs, we can only wonder about the full contents of Jacob’s resume. He has indicated to David Wilcock that he will never disclose his identity, but things may change if humanity is granted the full disclosure of suppressed technologies and instances of extraterrestrial contact that have been withheld from public knowledge.

5 Boyd Bushman

On his deathbed, former Lockheed Martin scientist Boyd Bushman revealed everything that he knew. He claimed to have been part of secret programs involved with the study of extraterrestrial bodies and artifacts. Bushman related the experience of discovery he underwent as he was led down the rabbit hole of alien encounters, UFO battles in American airspace, and the reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial spacecraft.[6]

As one of the props he used to sustain his legitimacy, Bushman produced multiple photos of a supposed extraterrestrial body that he had encountered. Skeptics immediately attacked his claim and suggested that the pictures were actually of an alien doll widely available at Walmart. Bushman’s testimony had seemingly been debunked, and everyone felt that they could rest easy knowing that this highly respected aviation pioneer was nothing more than a senile crackpot.

However, Bushman’s story might not be that simple.

What better way could there be to discredit dangerous testimony than by seeding popular culture with preemptive disclosure disguised as fiction? By doing so, the secret engineers of our slave society would be able to accuse anyone who came forward with the truth as being hopelessly delusional or parroting tired ideas in a mad bid for fame. What if that alien doll in question was based on the physiology of an actual extraterrestrial body, and it was sent into mass production on the off chance that Bushman would spill the beans?

4 Phillip J. Corso

In 1998, Colonel Phillip J. Corso made waves with his best-selling book The Day After Roswell.[7] In this book, Corso reveals the true story of the Roswell crash from the point of view of a direct eyewitness. Corso relates that, while the details of the crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft were kept from public view, the military-industrial complex reaped enormous rewards from this chance occurrence in the form of reverse-engineered technologies.

According to Corso, the innovations derived from the Roswell crash and other similar instances of downed extraterrestrial craft led to the development of the microchip. If true, this would mean that we owe the existence of modern computers, smartphones, televisions, and dozens of other types of gadgets to beings from another world.

Corso also related that LED lights, kevlar, lasers, fiber optics, night vision, and even cling wrap were derived from technologies of unearthly origin. Most importantly, Corso also told his disbelieving audience that the most critical technologies, such as free energy, antigravity, and advanced healing techniques, have been kept from the public. Corso alleged, and other insiders agree, that these technologies have been used to provide humanity with a presence in space far beyond that which has been publicly disclosed.

Whatever the case may be, it’s undeniable that human innovation took an enormous leap in the latter half of the 20th century, and Corso’s testimony provides one theory that neatly explains this era of unprecedented engineering breakthroughs.

3 Captain Mark Richards

According to his wife, Mark Richards is in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Jo Ann Richards has spoken out about this unfair treatment at numerous UFO conferences, and she maintains that her husband was framed and imprisoned in order to cover up his extensive knowledge about secret space programs, the shadow government, and extraterrestrial contact.[8]

According to Jo Ann, Mark had been involved in clandestine extraterrestrial diplomacy since childhood. At one meeting between aliens and humans, he had the opportunity to interact with an intelligent reptilian being. It looked very similar to a velociraptor, but it was able to form complete sentences in English.

Interestingly, Corey Goode has reported being exposed to information regarding a very similar species of beings. Goode states that these reptilian entities inhabit the honeycomb of the inner Earth at this very moment and that some of them have crests of feathers on the tops of their heads. He agrees with Richards that this species is intelligent, but he also warns that the “Raptors” are incredibly dangerous.

2 Arthur Neumann

Arthur Neumann is a man of mystery. For years, he operated under the alias “Henry Deacon,” and he shocked the UFO community with his tales of portal travel, extraterrestrial contact, and a shadowy cabal pulling the strings behind current events. Neumann had been a prominent physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and he informed his spellbound audiences that the secrets of free energy had been discovered, but they’d been willfully suppressed, since the release of this technology would make the mass enslavement of the human race impossible.

Eventually, Neumann had the courage to go public with his face and true name. He made one major appearance at a UFO convention, and many there in attendance expected him to become a staple of the disclosure community. Shortly thereafter, however, he utterly disappeared, and nothing has been heard from him since.[9]

Like many other supposed secret space program insiders, it’s hard to see how Neumann could have personally benefited from going public. He never signed any book deals, he didn’t market products, and he certainly hasn’t become a public figure. He seemed genuinely concerned for his safety, and he only came forward because he felt that the world should know the truth.

While it’s certainly possible that Neumann and those like him are simply delusional, these insiders don’t seem to be motivated by the traditional incentives toward mendacity, like greed, power lust, or self-aggrandizement. Their stories correlate even though it can be proven that they have never communicated with each other.

While the idea that a whole world of magic, mystery, and cosmic brotherhood has been hidden from us is disquieting, to say the least, believing that you know everything about the infinitely complex world we inhabit is the surest sign of all that you are utterly delusional.

1 Buzz Aldrin

At first glance, Buzz Aldrin is an unlikely secret space program insider. He is a highly celebrated NASA astronaut, and he has been in the public eye for more than four decades. But Buzz has made some decidedly odd comments over the years, and there are other factors at play that lead some to believe that there is more to Aldrin than meets the eye.

The most compelling piece of evidence that Aldrin knows more than he’s letting on is an extremely weird interview with C-SPAN from 2009. As part of a wide-ranging conversation regarding Aldrin’s obsession with getting human beings to Mars, he voiced his opinion that one feature of Mars’s moon Phobos would be of more interest to xenoarchaeologists than it would be to xenogeologists.

With a manic gleam in his eye, Aldrin discloses his knowledge of an artificially constructed monolith on Phobos. This object can, in fact, be easily discerned in flyby photographs of this oddly shaped satellite. The supposed “monolith” casts an incredibly long shadow, and it appears to stick straight up out of the surface of Phobos.[10]

What if, in exchange for fame, prosperity, and continued insider intelligence, Aldrin agreed to keep quiet about the majority of what he knew? What if his C-SPAN interview was an instance of “going rogue” for the purpose of promoting his personal Mars exploration agenda? On one magazine cover, Aldrin is pictured circling his thumb and forefinger around his right eye, which is said to be a common symbol used by members of the Cabal to display their allegiance.

If Aldrin really was promised a front-row seat in exchange for his complicity in the cover-up of the millennium, he will be one of the first to know when our wild ride of full disclosure truly begins in earnest.


Written by Sammie Dove

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