10 Incredible Events That Took Place During the Week of April 21, 2018

Keeping up with the news is challenging. To save you the hassle, we have gathered the most significant, unusual, or mind-blowing stories each week.

This week marks the US, France, and Britain taking military action against Syria in response to a chemical attack. Although there were concerns about an escalation, Russia did not retaliate, meaning World War III has not begun. Fortunately, this means you can still read about other astonishing events that occurred this week.

10 The US, UK, And France Bombed Syria

Over 100 missiles were launched on Saturday targeting sites in Syria. The US, UK, and France collaborated to deter Bashar al-Assad’s regime from using chemical weapons in the ongoing civil war. This was only the second time Western powers have directly attacked Syrian government institutions in the seven-year conflict.

The targets were buildings involved in the production of chemical weapons, which are frequently used by Assad against his own population. The aim of the attack was to cripple Syrian weapons production and discourage the regime from using such weapons in the future.

Despite warnings of possible retaliation from Russia, they only informed Assad to evacuate the targeted buildings.

9 NASA Launched A New Planet-Hunting Telescope

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), a telescope, was launched recently with the aim of finding habitable, Earthlike planets in our galaxy. TESS has a unique orbit that will allow it to capture images of deep space without interference. Equipped with four wide-vision cameras, TESS is expected to capture and catalog half a million stars, potentially identifying planets suitable for life.

This information will guide further research using the James Webb telescope launching in the future.

8 Former First Lady Barbara Bush Died

Barbara Bush, wife of President George H.W. Bush and mother of President George W. Bush, passed away at the age of 92. She was a significant figure in US politics, being one of only two women in history to have been both first lady and mother of a president. Barbara Bush was also known for her campaign for children’s literacy and her influence on the Republican Party.

7 Scientists Accidentally Created A Plastic-Eating Mutant Enzyme

An international team of scientists unintentionally discovered an enzyme that effectively breaks down plastic waste. The modified enzyme found in a Japanese waste dump in 2016 was unexpectedly able to process plastic 20% faster. This discovery has the potential to revolutionize plastic recycling on an industrial scale.

6 The Commonwealth Of Nations Prepared To Choose Its Next Leader

The Commonwealth of Nations, consisting of 53 countries with historical ties to the British Empire, is preparing to select a new leader. The position has been traditionally held by the British monarch, but there is no rule stating that the British monarch must fill the role. Talks are underway to determine the next leader, which may not be Prince Charles.

5 Hip-Hop Won Its First Pulitzer

Kendrick Lamar became the first hip-hop artist to win the Pulitzer Prize for music with his album “DAMN.” This award signifies the mainstream acceptance of hip-hop and a shift in prestigious awards towards more popular forms of art.

4 The End May Have Begun For Shinzo Abe

Rumors and scandals surrounding Japanese PM Shinzo Abe have suggested his imminent resignation multiple times. However, this time a report claims that his former mentor expects him to step down by June or be forcibly removed from power.

3 A Surprise Asteroid Came Within Spitting Distance Of Earth

An asteroid larger than a football field passed by Earth, coming within half the distance to the Moon. This near miss, known as 2018 GE3, is one of the largest asteroids to come this close to our planet. The incident highlights the limitations in tracking small yet potentially dangerous asteroids.

2 Mass Protests Gripped Armenia

The appointment of former President Serzh Sargsyan as Armenia’s prime minister sparked massive protests in the country. Sargsyan previously promised to not seek the position but broke his vow, leading to widespread discontent and demands for change.

1 Cuba Prepared For Post-Castro Life

Raul Castro stepped down as the leader of Cuba, marking the end of the Castro dynasty that has ruled the country since 1959. Miguel Diaz-Canel takes over, representing a new generation of leadership for the island nation.

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