10 Incredible and Outrageous Claims About the Moon

“Somebody built the Moon.” This is one radical theory supported by many UFO investigators and ancient astronaut theorists—but one some surprisingly smart people are also supporting these days. Now, before scoffing too loudly, have you ever wondered why we never went back to the Moon after the Apollo missions or why the Russians never followed us? Some prominent scientists have formed a theory about why we haven’t gone back, and they claim to have evidence backing it up. They call it the Spaceship Moon theory, and they contend that the Moon is an artificial structure and was intentionally placed in its present location.

History does tell us that astronomers have been seeing anomalous things on the Moon ever since the invention of the telescope. Eerie-looking clouds, glowing craters, strange flashes, and weird lights all have been reported throughout history. Also, remember that except with spaceborne cameras, we never see 41 percent of the lunar surface—ever.

10 Weird Lights And UFOs Seen On The Moon

In December 1835, famous astronomer Francis Bailey reported seeing a star-like light in a lunar crater called Aristarchus—the same type of thing still reported today.[1] Although Michael Collins didn’t experience this event, astronaut Buzz Aldrin states that he and Neil Armstrong both kept spotting what he referred to as “flicker flashes” during the Apollo 11 mission. According to Aldrin, the two opted not to mention it to Mission Control, since they were on their way home when he brought it up to Armstrong, who in turn told Aldrin that he saw “hundreds” of these flashes during the mission. As it stands, NASA does have a publication called the Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events describing a large number of similar weird events that have been recorded on or around the Moon over the centuries.

In July 1969, former NASA employee and amateur HAM radio operator Otto Bender claimed that he allegedly intercepted a radio message from the Apollo 11 astronauts to Houston Control and that they reported seeing alien spacecraft on the surface of the Moon, as well as something else to the effect that they, the UFOs, were parked near the edge of a crater watching them. Oddly enough, within 30 minutes of the Moon landing, Bender’s claim had made it all the way around NASA, and as the rumor mill churned, stories about the crew being upset and not wanting to leave the lunar module were circulated.

In December 2016, UFO investigators were excited about a large unidentified dark object that was filmed traversing the lunar landscape.

9 The Moon Is Way Too Weird

There are well over 100 known moons in the solar system, and ours, which is almost half the size of Mars, is the fifth-largest in this group. That is pretty strange on its own, since all four larger ones belong to the gas giants, but in comparison to its host planet, our Moon is by far the largest of them all.

Luna also has a most profound effect on Earth, which is in itself an anomalous planet to begin with—being the only one we know of with life in the known universe. Two of the most important things the Moon is responsible for are our tides and the stabilizing effect it has on the rotation of the planet. Without the Moon, Earth would have been a much more violent, chaotic, and dangerous place for any kind of advanced life to have taken root on. Another great example of this concerns our seasons, without which agriculture would be difficult at best.

In 2016, a scientist claimed that the Moon is much older than the Earth.[2] If that is true, it throws the accretion and collision theories on how the Moon was formed right out the window. Others have claimed that the Earth isn’t supposed to have enough gravitational pull to capture an object with the mass of the Moon, so the captured planetoid theory won’t suffice, either.

8 The Moon Is Way Too Perfect

The Sun has a diameter roughly 400 times that of the Moon. It also just happens to be about 400 times farther away from the Moon than the Moon is from the Earth. This is the reason why we are the only planet in the solar system to experience total eclipses of both the Sun and Moon, something no other satellite is large enough or close enough to its home planet to achieve. Our moon Luna is 3,476 kilometers (2,160 mi) in diameter, and if it was even a bit more or less, a complete eclipse of the Sun or Moon would never occur.

Two more anomalous attributes of the Moon are its close proximity to Earth and its near-perfect orbit around it. These qualities, along with its assistance in maintaining the Earth’s lifesaving magnetic field, are directly responsible for both our tides and our stable rotation. The Moon is also tidally locked to the planet, meaning that it always shows the same face to us and doesn’t rotate like the Earth does.

Oddly, Zulu legend says that the Moon was towed into position by extraterrestrials and that after it was placed here, it created chaos by causing massive floods and huge tidal waves to wreak havoc around the planet before finally settling down.[3] Interestingly, Zulu legends also speak of a time when there was no Moon at all. Fortunately for us humans, the Moon shows us its friendly side, the “Man on the Moon,” which is good because we could have what would look like nothing less like a giant eye staring down on us if were to show us the other side instead.

7 NASA And Russia Have Photos Of Gigantic Structures Towering Miles High

Videos have been posted on YouTube by UFO investigators, and several documentaries have been created and aired, showing what appear to be images of giant building complexes and other anomalous structures on the surface of the Moon, some near a crater called Tycho. Gleaned from NASA archives from the Apollo missions and other official sources worldwide, there is a body of images, one of which shows what looks like intelligently built structures in a series of white-colored cubes, which are attached to others, just like industrial or even military complexes here on Earth. There are also Russian Zond 3 photographs of a spire towering miles high, a group of eight 15-story obelisks, glass-like domes, huge bridges, giant satellite dishes, and other strange-looking structures on the Moon.

Many are saying that since these structures appear to be the same color as the surrounding terrain, this is most likely caused by pareidolia, a phenomenon in which the brain tricks the eyes into seeing patterns or objects in things like clouds or images. Others claim the photographs were faked using image editing software, but these claims don’t seem to hold water, since UFO investigators say they have copies of the original, unedited images to prove they’re not. It is difficult to dispute the appearance of anomalous geometric shapes in genuine NASA and Russian space mission imagery.[4]

6 Chinese Images Of Military Facilities On The Moon

Recently, in an interview at the Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, with two NASA project scientists, a journalist claims to have witnessed a never-before-seen image of an “oblong-shaped structure” on the desk of an employee while there—and filmed it. The journalist then claimed that the image proves the claims of UFO investigators that NASA has been intentionally withholding information on extraterrestrial life, as well as its presence here on Earth and in space. They say the reason NASA isn’t willing to disclose this information to the public is that they believe it would cause panic and damage the balance of life on Earth by upsetting both religion and the rule of law. Surfacing on the Internet in 2012, the image filmed on the desk is still being talked about in forums worldwide, where many claim it clearly shows a geometric shape that cannot be natural in any way, since nature simply doesn’t do that.

A report from an unnamed source surfaced recently, claiming that an “extraterrestrial military industrial complex” was photographed by the Chinese Chang’e-2 lunar orbiter, clearly showing buildings and other structures on the lunar surface. The same source went on to say that it is suspected that NASA has destroyed similar structures on the surface of the Moon in an effort to get rid of evidence proving extraterrestrial life was there. The anonymous source also added something that may be almost as astounding: that the Chinese government is going to be fully disclosing the extraterrestrial reality sometime in the near future, and that when that happens, these images will be released to the general public.[5]

5 Images Of Strange Vehicle Tracks

Researchers rummaging through NASA archives recently found images of what appear to be tracks left behind by a mechanized vehicle traveling across the lunar surface. At first, it was theorized that these tracks were left behind by debris rolling around the lunar surface after a meteor strike, but UFO investigators and ancient alien theorists claim that there is a major problem with that scenario. These tracks are evidently traveling uphill out of a crater and seem to go further than debris from a meteor strike would be likely to. Coupled with the huge building complexes and other structures purported to be all over the dark side of the Moon, the theory that someone else is there might have more legs than many scientists are willing to admit, according to their own statements.

When all the types of structures claimed to have been photographed are considered as a whole—vehicle tracks, smokestacks, satellite dishes, spires, water cooling towers, roads, bridges, dwellings, and large clusters of big buildings—it’s not hard to imagine some kind of industrial operation in progress on the back side of the Moon, provided that the pictures are real. Or is this all just a figment of the imagination of a population that wants to believe? No matter how you look at it, though, there is a conspiracy going on one way or the other. Either the governments of the world are withholding information from the public about an alien presence, or there is a massive, worldwide conspiracy going on to fake it. Cover-up or conspiracy? Take your pick.[6]

4 The Moon ‘Rang Like a Bell’ During Apollo 12

During the ascent back to the Lunar Command Module on November 20, 1969, Commander Charles Conrad Jr. and Lunar Module pilot Allan Bean set the Apollo 12 Lunar Module on a predetermined crash course to the Moon in an experiment involving a seismometer that the crew had previously installed on the lunar surface. The module crashed close enough to the device to get good seismic readings, and the data they got back revealed startling evidence that the Moon could be hollow because it reverberated like a bell for close to an hour.

During a later Apollo mission, NASA decided to crash a heavier vehicle into the lunar surface to see if it would ring again, and it did—this time, the Moon rang more like a gong for over three hours, and the reverberations went over 32 kilometers (20 mi) deep. As one might expect, this news created havoc in the science world, especially for planetary scientists, since the data completely went against all of their theories on how the Moon was formed. When you add in a theory purposed by two prominent scientists contending that the Moon could be an artificial satellite . . . who knows?[7]

3 UFOs Have A Long History With The NASA And Soviet Space Programs

It is a well-known fact that Apollo astronauts, and the ground crews at NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas, used terms during space missions such as “bogey” and “Santa Claus” as code names when referring to unidentified flying objects sighted by the astronauts while in space. On the Russian side, cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev blasted off in April 1979 from Star City, the Russian version of Cape Canaveral, to dock with the Salyut 6 space station, and on the way, he and his crew spotted a UFO tailing their spacecraft. Afanasyev said that the object followed their ship for one half of an entire orbit. He went on to state that they saw the anomalous object first on the light side of the orbit, but when they entered the dark side, the craft had simply disappeared.

Since it took about 90 minutes to orbit the Earth, they were able to view the craft for about 45 minutes, so they got a really good look at it. Afanasyev further said that the craft was only 21 to 24 meters (70–80 ft) from their ship and that they could clearly see that it was a structured vehicle, about 43 meters (140 ft) in length and wider at some points than others, and appeared to have small wings and an inner hull. Afanasyev took pictures of the craft, but on the crew’s return, his camera and film were taken from him, and he was told to never talk about what he saw again.

In the United States, starting with the flight of the X-15 in the late 1950s and continuing right through the space shuttle program, astronauts have reported seeing “unidentified space vehicles” during missions. Neil Armstrong has been quoted as saying that the reason why the US government failed to go ahead with their plans for a manned Moon base is because they were ordered not to do so by “unknown extraterrestrials.” In fact, Armstrong purportedly stated to a NASA symposium, “The fact is, we were warned off.”[8] Remember, this is Neil Armstrong saying this—one of the most famous people of the 20th century and the first man to walk on the Moon.

2 Vapor Exiting A Lunar Smokestack Caught On Film

As Apollo 8 was orbiting 113 kilometers (70 mi) above the Moon and filming the lunar surface, it captured a sequence of what looks exactly like smoke billowing from a very, very large smokestack.[9] The structure of the stack is plainly evident in the frames, and smoke, or some kind of vapor, is also clearly seen to be emanating from the aforementioned structure, drifting off to the right of the shot. Mind you, it’s a structure that simply should not be there.

Some claim that the few frames of the NASA footage in question are the result of a glitch, but others say that since the video glitch doesn’t repeat on subsequent orbits, it’s probably not, in fact, a glitch. These images were included in the August 2003 issue of a scientific journal called Electric Spacecraft, which got the images from an episode of the PBS Nova science series called “To the Moon.” The possible significance and potential consequences of this truly mysterious, but short, sequence of images is just now being realized by investigators and researchers around the world.

1 The Moon Has A Hard Shell And A Mysterious Composition

Some theorists claim that the depths of the craters on the Moon are strangely identical and rather shallow. Since they are allegedly all the same depth, ancient alien researchers, along with several scientists, theorize that there has to be a harder layer just below the surface of the giant orb, hinting at its possibly artificial nature. The floors of the craters are also clearly convex, suggesting a harder substance below at a uniform depth, showing that the Moon is hard and spherical in shape underneath. The fact that scientists have purportedly confirmed that the composition of the Moon would be perfect for this purpose—building basically a huge craft—seems to substantiate this in a perplexing way.

Proponents of the Spaceship Moon theory cite the fact that the Moon also appears to be hollow, which would further substantiate their claims if it were true, and if you add in the fact that NASA rang the Moon like a bell, well, you decide. One last thing: Remember that recently, two leading Russian scientists proposed their shocking idea they called the “Artificial Moon Theory” to the entire world, and as you can imagine, it sent shock waves around the globe that still reverberate to this very day. I’d like to close with words of wisdom from a former Apollo astronaut on this lunar subject, “If you’re not scared, you should be.”[10]

I live in northwestern Pennsylvania in the United States of America, and in “one of the Original 13” I like to say, where I grew up with a fascination for collectibles like baseball cards, coins, stamps, and old bottles just to name a few. Always a self-starter I’ve taught myself many different things, and have ended up with a large variety of skills and hobbies in both old and new and have recently started putting them to use in the Internet. I have been writing in several capacities for several decades.


Written by Duane Wesley

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