10 Famous Personalities Who Have Encountered Spine-Chilling Ghostly Phenomena

A quick scan of this site alone is enough to tell us that if there’s one thing that’s a common element among cultures, it’s the universal enjoyment of sharing a ghost story. Whether or not you actually believe in ghosts yourself, there are very few people who can say that they haven’t experienced some kind of supernatural or unexplained phenomena firsthand. Whether they saw strange lights in the sky, heard footsteps where there was no one, or experienced something altogether stranger, everyone has their story.

It is a natural human trait to try to make sense of the unknown, to give it a familiarity, to understand it. So often, sightings that could be explained away as mists or birds or other completely natural phenomena are explained as ghosts. People love to share their ghost stories, and it seems that celebrities are no different. Here are ten celebrities who have had offscreen brushes with the unknown.

10 Fairuza Balk


Written by Christy Heather

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